This week in Crime Stoppers, a chance to nab another purse snatcher and help make the streets in the Southside and downtown a little safer. "We had a young lady who was unfortunately 'situationally unaware' and kind of stepped into a scenario where she was vulnerable," began Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer.  "This isn't petty. There's nothing petty about this. This is a real crime with a real victim."

It is a crime we may be able to avoid or prevent as we stroll the streets. How? "Being aware of your surroundings," said Off. Frazer, "walking with purpose, making eye contact with people, letting them know that you recognize them and you see them deters a lot of this type of crime."

In this incident, a woman had her purse snatched in the 1400 block of Market Street. We get a look at our suspect thanks to surveillance video. "We don't have a whole lot," Frazer admitted. "We've got a gentleman who is running from the scene of the crime, stops at a dumpster, which is typical in a robbery of this nature, and unloads the valuable stuff into his pockets and dumps the purse and pocketbooks into the dumpster and then he walks off. It's not great footage but somebody knows this guy this is somebody's, brother somebody's father, somebody's running partner."

If that is you, we have reward cash to make it worth your while to call Crime Stoppers and we will never ask who you are. As for keeping yourself from becoming a victim, no matter what you are doing at no matter what time of day or night, be present. "Take a minute when you're walking around to assess the area," Frazer explained. "Notice the people that are on the streets, the people that are in the parked cars around. Don't walk around, I said this last time, don't walk around your nose in your cell phone. Look up. Walk with purpose and just be aware of your surroundings."

Up to $1,000 is available for your good tip. If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333 Is the number. If you get voice mail, be sure to leave a way for Officer Frazer to get back in touch with you. He will have questions, but he will not ask your name.