Community members came together Monday night to discuss the qualities they want in Hamilton County's next superintendent.

Parents, teachers and citizens from Unifi-ED gathered at their headquarters on McCallie Avenue to bounce ideas around.

Those that came out tonight included teachers, parents, former teachers, child advocates and even students themselves.

Each person offered a unique perspective into what they would like Hamilton County's new superintendent bring to the table. 

They each weighed in on the type of background and experience they feel is important to be able to lead successfully, as well a vision looking forward for the school system as a whole. 

 Leaders with Unifi-ED want to take all of this feedback and present it to school board members to use when narrowing their search for Hamilton County's next superintendent.

"I think our next superintendent really needs to be part of the community, needs to look for community involvement, needs to hear what teachers have to say," Hamilton County teacher Michelle Dunn said. 

'I think if they're engaged from the front end, it makes it easier for them to support the leader throughout their tenure and really work to help them get done what they need to get done. I also think it's really important to build trust and value what they bring to the table," Unifi-ED Executive Director Elizabeth Crews added. 

This is the first of several meetings on this topic hosted by the organization, although the next meeting date has not yet been set. 

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