Both of these women are living examples of a nurse's spirit. They share the trait of having the willingness to go the extra mile for their patients. 

"They depended on me and I didn't want to let them down. I loved my job and I loved being able to help those people," Former Hutcheson Medical Center employee Leia Collins said. 

"I've taken care of ventilator babies, I've taken care of blood sugar babies, septic babies. I just love them," Patricia Ceccotti, also a former Hutcheson employee, added. 

They also share the same kind of frustration. 

As former employees at Hutcheson Medical Center, both women were paying monthly insurance premiums to Cigna. Paystubs show they were coming right out of their checks. 

But now they've learned the insurance company never received their money. 

"Where's my money? I'm upset. Where is the money that I paid in good faith that they were going to take care of my claims?" Collins said. 

"I can go back as far as November 2014 where a regular yearly check-up was not paid for and now I'm responsible," Ceccotti said. 

Now both women have been slapped with thousands of dollars worth of medical bills and received repeated calls from collection agencies demanding money. 

But both believe they shouldn't be penalized. 

"I've paid my part. I've paid my premiums. I've paid my deductibles and co-payments. I feel like my bills should be paid. I'm not the one that faulted. They are," Collins added. 

"How did they feel like they had the authority to deduct insurance premiums from our paychecks and not pay on our medical bills?" Ceccotti added. 

Leaving both women to wonder who's responsible and with the hospital under new management, there's no one to call.

Channel 3 reached out to Atlanta-based ApolloMD, who now manages Hutcheson, they tell us they are not able to comment on any billing matters that happened before their agreement on December 17, 2015. 

We also reached out to Cigna and our calls were not returned. 

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