Firefighters had to search for nearby fire hydrants Monday morning while fighting a garage fire in Hamilton County.

An off-duty deputy with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department was driving home from work around 8:45 a.m. when he noticed smoke and flames coming from a home's detached garage in the 6400 block of Hunter Road.

The Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Department responded and had the fire out within 15 minutes. But Amy Maxwell with Hamilton County Emergency Services said there was no fire hydrants in the immediate vicinity.

"What we use is we have additional apparatus to where we can actually shuttle water in and out," she said. "Once one of the fire engines is completely empty of water and another one has come in, they actually used a fire hydrant down the street at another subdivision to keep replenishing water so they had a good water water shuttle, tanker system. But the problem was the fire was already too far along before the first person actually found that the fire was rolling."

The top floor of the garage was used as Christmas storage and the bottom floor had landscaping equipment. Maxwell said one lawnmower was charging at the time of the fire.

The exact cause of the fire is under investigation. No one was injured.