UPDATE: Four Hamilton County administrators will testify against the three faculty members accused of failing to report the rape of a freshman basketball player.

Subpoenas were filed Monday in Hamilton County Juvenile Court calling Superintendent Rick Smith, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lee McDade, Secondary Operations Director Steve Holmes and Ooltewah High School Principal Jim Jarvis to testify on behalf of the state.

According to the documents, Lisa Mathis, who is listed as a witness and an investigator for the Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office will also testify. Investigator Mickey Rountree with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office was also summoned to court. Both investigators were instructed by the court to “bring any and all evidence” with them.

Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston is also listed on three separate subpoenas for each case against Jesse Nayadley, Karl Williams and Andre Montgomery.

A preliminary hearing is set for February 15 at 9am in Judge Robert Philyaw’s courtroom.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston is expected to issue subpoenas soon for Hamilton County School Superintendent Rick Smith, Asst. Hamilton County School Superintendent Lee McDade and Ooltewah principal Jim Jarvis.

The subpoenas for the three come after last week's preliminary hearing where Judge Rob Philyaw denied the motion to dismiss the charges against OHS Athletic Director/Asst. Principal Jesse Nayadley, Head Basketball Coach Andre Montgomery and Assistant Coach Karl Williams.

The three adults were charged for not properly reporting the sexual assault of one of the Ooltewah High School basketball players in December, 2015.

Smith, McDade and Jarvis will be called to testify in the hearing for Nayadley, Montgomery and Williams February 15 for a preliminary hearing in juvenile court.