1. FREE OVER-THE-AIR RECEPTION: Most local locations can receive WRCB's free over-the-air signal. You will need digital antenna connected to your digital television set. If you have an older, analog television set, you will need to hook a VHF/UHF antenna to a digital-to-analog converter box and then connect the converter box to your analog television set. You will need to rescan the channel settings to receive all of the available channels in your area.

You can watch Channel 3 and NBC using your Microsoft X-Box OneFuboYouTube TV and Hulu. 

2. SATELLITE RECEPTION: WRCB's signal is available on DIRECTV.  New customers may call them directly at 1-855-229-4388. 

3. CABLE TELEVISION: WRCB's signal is available on the following cable systems:

4. FREE LIVE WEB STREAM: All local newscasts from Channel 3 are streamed live on WRCBtv.com, in the free WRCB News app and in the WRCB Weather app available for your Android or Apple device. 

Monday - Friday    
4:30a - 7a Eyewitness News TODAY
12n-1p Eyewitness News at Noon
4p - 6:30p Eyewitness News 
11p - 11:30p Eyewitness News 
Saturday & Sunday
6a - 8a  Eyewitness News Weekend TODAY
6p - 6:30p Eyewitness News
11p - 11:30p Eyewitness News

NBC Sports will stream NFL games online at http://nflstream.nbcsports.com.