Is it alright to driver over a flooded road, as long as you think the water is not too deep?

For whatever reason, so many people seem to think that it’s okay to drive through a flooded roadway. Either they’ve done it before or they’ve seen other people do it with no issue, it’s incredibly risky and odds are that you won’t make it.  It only takes a few inches of swiftly-moving water to lift a car and hurl it downstream, and it takes a surprisingly small amount of water to lift even larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs and send their occupants into a harrowing situation at best to a violent, watery death at worst.

Don’t drive through a flooded roadway. You’re not only risking your life, but the lives of your rescuers in the process. (Plus, even if you survive, the nasty chemicals and organisms in the water could make you very, very sick.)  Turn around!  Don’t drown!