There are surely many things on our wish lists this time of year, but for more than two decades now, the family of James Harris has simply wanted answers, justice, and closure. Someone, likely in our viewing area, knows something.

"This was a family man. He has great grandchildren that he never got to meet and they never get to meet him," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer. Every Christmas for twenty-one long years, the family members of James Harris, no doubt, flash back to the morning of December 22nd, 1994. It was the day their lives changed forever. His body was found by his truck at the end of his driveway on Boss road, south of Chickamauga.

"There had been a struggle. Some money had been taken from him and, unfortunately, he didn't make," Off. Frazer said. "He always left very early for work. He worked at Miller industries. He had a long drive and, often times, went and met his buddies at Waffle House and he left early in the morning and never made it out of the driveway."

Whatever happened, it looks as though Harris did not go quietly. His revolver was recovered at the scene and at some point, it had been fired. A witness described a man he encountered that morning. That lead to a sketch of how the person looked 21 years ago. Investigators would still like to know who it may be.

Last year, Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson told us there is evidence that, given the right tip, could lead to some long overdue resolution. "We believe that if we can just get a narrow suspect, the field narrowed down," he said, "that the DNA evidence that we collected there at the scene may help us identify the person responsible for this crime."

"There were a couple of people that were suspected to be involved," added Frazer. "One of those people probably spoke or maybe is feeling the weight of the guilt of all these years and needs to come forward."

The Harris family has put up an additional $1,000 reward for information on James's murder. So, if you know something, anything that may help find who is responsible, whether it is your conscience or your desire for a payday, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

We will never ask your name, so no need to fear any repercussions. If you get voice mail, leave Officer Frazer a way to get back with you.