Lee University student Jordan Smith was named the winner of The Voice on Wednesday night. Now the big question is: what's next for this new star?

"I think everybody should just prepare themselves, because he's just gonna continue to take the world by storm," said Nick Rodriguez, Smith's former roommate.

Before Smith turned all four chairs in the blind auditions, the roommates watched the show together last season.

"We were poor college kids, so we didn't have a television," Rodriguez said. "We'd have it watch it online the next day. It's just kind of weird seeing him win. It was surreal."

Smith was in his final year at Lee. 

"Now that all of this is over, he's really getting into the hard part of this," said Kelsey Koukol, one of Smith's friends.

While his fellow students search for jobs, Smith already has a record deal.

"It will be crazy if he ends up coming back to campus," Koukol said. "I know everybody would be really excited about that, but who knows."

Administrators hope to see Smith back on campus.

"What I expect to happen is, Jordan will come back," said Jerome Hammond, VP of University Relations. "There will be a lot of excitement on campus, and then he'll just go right back into being a Lee student."

However, close friends believe the singer will pursue his new music career full-time.

"I know he wants to finish his degree. (I don't know if that will be soon or when he's like, 50," said Rodriguez. "I don't know if he's going to come back to Lee. I'm sure he will to visit, but maybe not to stay."