A Cleveland woman uses her weapons training to keep a man from trying to break into her home. 

It happened Tuesday afternoon at the home on 21st Street.

Holly Benitez says she was home alone when she realized someone was trying to break in through her front door.

Benitez says she grabbed her handgun and told the burglar through the door that she had a weapon. 

Moments later, Benitez was face-to-face with the burglar. 

"I tried to order him to stay right where he was at and I pointed the gun at him and I came running off the porch and I came within 10 feet of him and he laid the bicycle down and he crumpled on top of the bicycle," she says. 

Cleveland Police say they found James Jeffrey Dunn, 35, held under citizen's arrest by Benitez in her front yard. Police say Dunn is no stranger to the law, with a rap sheet that includes 40 arrests. The most recent happening six hours prior. 

"I didn't know what he had. So I didn't want to let him out of my sight. I didn't want him to attack me or shoot me or do whatever," Benitez says. 

Benitez purchased the FN .45 handgun and another handgun two years ago when she got her concealed carry permit but never imagined there would be a day where she would have to use her training. 

"We went over this when we got my concealed carry permit, these types of scenarios. But I had already put that gun up and ever taken it out since, you know?" she says. "Maybe to go the range once." 

Training that Benitez says paid off Tuesday, giving her protection and peace of mind. 

Dunn is behind bars at the Bradley County Justice Center facing charges of Aggravated Burglary, Theft and Burglary of a Motor Vehicle.