A viewer asks Paul, should open your windows before a tornado?

This myth got its start in popular culture before we knew much about these fierce windstorms, back when people thought that it was the pressure difference between the inside of your house and the inside of a tornado that caused a building to seemingly explode when the storm hit.

We know better these days—it’s the wind and debris swirling around that destroys your house—so why do people still believe we should open the windows before a tornado? The fact that your grandma told you this 50 years ago doesn’t make it true. Opening your windows before a tornado makes it easier for wind and debris to get in your house, putting you in danger and making it easier for the wind to destroy your home from the inside out.

Let’s be honest—if you take a direct hit from a tornado, your windows will probably break anyway, but keeping them closed makes it just a little bit harder for wind and debris to get inside.