A viewer named Glen, sent me some pictures of some clouds and said he didn't understand how they formed  and asked me to explain.
What you are seeing are "Con Trails", or condensation trails.

We first discovered them during World War II when the bombers would fly at high altitudes from Great Britain to Germany.

What you are actually seeing is water vapor condensing out of a hot jet engine. It is the same principle you see out of your car on a cold winter day. Jet planes are flying in our skies every day at high altitudes over 30-thousand feet. The temperature is well below 40 below zero! Sometimes you see the trail and sometimes you don't. It all depends on how humid the air is at these high altitudes. If the air is very dry you will not see a con-trail.

If it is very humid the con-trail will not dissipate and will sometimes form a high thin overcast of cirrus clouds. This can change naturally changing temperatures. Sometimes highs will be cooler and lows will be warmer because of these jet induced clouds. Some people think these are chemicals produced to change the weather called "chem-trails." I assure you they are not that. They are the product of a simple physical act. The same as when you start your car engine in the frigid winter.

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