Johnny "JJ" Montgomery's family and friends all expected to see him reach his goal of becoming a successful musician one day. But now his mother, Ruth Montgomery, is struggling emotionally and financially, having to deal with the burden of burying her only son.

"He was on his way to make something of himself," Ruth Montgomery said, "You know he was going to be somebody."
JJ fell in love with music at an early age. His mother says he got his talents from listening to music from her generation.

"He could really sing and he was trying to make something of himself," Ruth said, "He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

His stage name was "J-Mont" and he had just released his third CD.

"That's what he loved to do, was to make music," Montgomery said, "He was always in the studio, "JJ you coming to dinner? I'm in the studio."

JJ was shot and killed Monday night when he went to a friend's house with two other men in Rock Spring, GA.
Ruth Montgomery says their family has talked to the woman JJ was visiting.
She says Nicole Carroll told them JJ was trying to defuse an argument and leave the property peacefully.

"And she said that he got killed doing a good deed, doing a godly thing," she said, "I said but that don't make it better, he still got shot. And he was innocent, he didn't do nothing."

Police arrested Carroll's stepfather, Michael Gobert, for shooting at the car as it was trying to leave, killing JJ and injuring another passenger.

"He was just in the car leaving," Montgomery said, "And they shot him. And shot 14 times, that was unnecessary."

JJ leaves behind four children.    

His oldest son, 9-year old Silas, wanted to comfort his grandmother during our interview.
They both say JJ was a proud and loving father and wish he would have had more time to watch his children grow.

"But his kids know he was a good person," Montgomery said, "He was always there for him. Always."

Several support pages, including a Go Fund Me, have been created to help support JJ's children and cover his burial costs.

If you want to help the family, click here.