A Baylor senior football player got quite the surprise at Thursday night's team dinner.

Running back Adrian Harris had no idea some of his teammates' parents paid for his mother to fly from the Bronx to Chattanooga to watch him play against McCallie Friday night.  

His mom has never seen Adrian play a game at Baylor. Until now.


"I'm still going to go into the game with the same type of mentality, the same type of enthusiasm but it'll be a little bit more fun knowing my mom is in the crowd and knowing I'll be able to play for her," Adrian said.

Adrian became a boarding student at Baylor his sophomore year of high school because both he and his mom wanted him out of their rough neighborhood in the Bronx.

"I miss him so much," Lilliette Harris said. "I'm just really happy, I wasn't expecting to see him this soon. I just really appreciate it."

McCallie visits Baylor tonight for the 7:30 p.m. kickoff. Catch the highlights Friday night on Channel 3's Friday Night Football at 11:15.