A man is recovering after accidentally shooting himself at a local gun range over the holiday weekend. Although the man suffered a minor injury, gun owners say it's a reminder to always pay close attention on the range.

It happened on Sunday afternoon at Carter Shooting Supply in Harrison.

"One of our range members was out there shooting, and when he went to holster his gun, it went off. We're not sure if he had his finger on the trigger, if the holster hit the trigger, or if his gun malfunctioned," said owner, Kristi Manning.

The experienced shooter and long-time shooting range member was rushed to the hospital. Manning said the incident serves as a reminder to shooters of all skill sets.

"Don't get careless. I mean, you can get yourself in such a situation where you've done it so many times. Like this gentleman, he's done it so many times that, it just kind of happened. And it can happen to the best of us," Manning said.

While the bullet just grazed the man's hand, it could've been worse. Manning said safety is first on the shooting range.

"It's not something that we're trying to sweep under the rug. We want everyone to know we are still safe," she said.

Carter Shooting Supply's gun range isn't open to the public. Everyone has to be a member or a guest of a member. All shooters must sign safety and liability waivers, and the rules on the range are clearly posted.

Additionally, each shooting booth is separated by steel walls, in case an accident does happen.

"If you do anything long enough, you're gonna have that accident to think 'Oh man, that could've really been bad'. It's kind of one of those things that bring you back into the careful state of things," said Manning.

Again, this happened out on the shooting range and not inside the store. It is the first gun-related accident on the property since Carter Shooting Supply opened 14 years ago.

The man injured is doing fine and was released from the hospital.