UPDATE: District Attorney Neal Pinkston has ruled that the deputies involved in the August shooting of Brent Pickard acted properly.

In a letter sent by Pinkston to Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond, Pinkston said he reviewed the dash cam videos and de-briefed the lead detective in the case.

Pinkston went further and said there were no violations of state law, and the use of deadly force was justified in the fatal shooting.

PREVIOUS STORY: We are learning more about the death of an Ooltewah man, shot by deputies following a police chase.
Autopsy results obtained by Channel 3 show Brent Price Pickard, 46, was shot 13 times by deputies. A medical examiner ruled his cause of death to be the result of multiple gunshot wounds.

The preliminary examination was not able to determine how far away officers were when they fired, but the report shows Pickard was hit in the head, left shoulder, torso and right arm.
A spokesperson for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office officially released the names of the deputies involved on Wednesday as Sgt. Gregg Carson, Sgt. Spencer Daniels, Deputy Adam Ty Williams and Deputy Eric Baxter.
The four were involved with the August 26 incident that was initiated by a domestic disturbance call. Pickard led deputies on a chase that ended with a crash on Highway 153 in Hixson. Deputies say Pickard was armed and pulled his gun following the crash. That’s when they reportedly fired.  
All four officers were placed on mandatory administrative leave, according to department policy, and have since returned to active duty.
The Chattanooga Police Department is investigating the incident and has not released any further information, citing the on-going investigation.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office released the names of the four deputies involved in the shooting of Brent Pickard August 26, 2015 after a police chase.
The HCSO Deputies are:

  • Sgt. Gregg Carson
  • Sgt. Spencer Daniels
  • Deputy Adam Ty Williams
  • Deputy Eric Baxter

As per HCSO’s policy, all four deputies were placed on a mandatory administrative leave, and have since returned to active duty. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Brent Pickard, 46, of Ooltewah has been identified as the man shot and killed by Hamilton County deputies Wednesday night.

Sheriff Jim Hammond and District Attorney General Neal Pinkston have handed the investigation off to Chattanooga Police. Detectives interviewed two deputies and two sergeants overnight who were part of the incident.

"Right now it appears to be unfortunately a domestic situation that went bad and for whatever reasons, the defendant made a bad decision and the result is evident," said Sheriff Hammond.

The incident began with a disturbance call with a weapon at Pickard's home in Ooltewah. Police say Pickard fled the scene at a high rate of speed, taking deputies and Collegedale Police on a chase.

Authorities tried stopping his BMW with spike strips but it didn't work. After an 18 mile chase, deputies used a PIT maneuver to stop his car. That's when they say he brandished a weapon. Deputies then fired into his car, striking him multiple times and killing him on the scene.

"At this point we have no reason to believe these officers did anything other than what they were supposed to," Hammond said.

An eyewitness told Channel 3 she heard deputies yell at Pickard to "put his hands up" and "he's got a gun." She then lost count of how many shots were fired at the vehicle.

Pickard has a history with police. He was arrested last month for domestic assault in Hamilton County. He was due in court Monday, August 31.

Just four hours before his death, Pickard posted on Facebook: "Frustrated beyond compare.... God is still good!!!"

In April 2014, Pickard barricaded himself in a Dalton building after a fight with his wife. He surrendered after several hours.

The case is still pending further investigation. The four deputies are on paid administrative leave, per department policy. Pickard's body is at the Hamilton County Medical Examiner's office for an autopsy.

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An eyewitness tells Channel 3 what she saw during last night's chase that ended with Hamilton County deputies fatally shooting a suspect.

Deputies yelled "Show us your hands!" and "He has a gun!" and then gun shots. She lost count.

Chattanooga Police are investigating the deadly shooting shooting Wednesday night near the Academy Sports shopping center on Highway 153.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department said deputies were dispatched on a disorder call with a possible weapon in the Collegedale/Ooltewah area around 9:30 that night.

The suspect left the scene in his car when deputies were en route to the location. Deputies chased the suspect and tried to stop him several times, but he refused to pull over.

The suspect crashed his car somewhere near Pine Mar Drive and Highway 153.

"Once stopped, the suspect brandished a weapon at which time officers had to use deadly force to stop him. No sheriff’s deputies were injured in this incident," said department spokesperson G.A. Bennett in a news release. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A car chase through Hamilton County ends in a crash and fatal officer involved shooting.

Hamilton County deputies chased the suspect from Old Lee Highway to Pine Mar Drive inside the city limits. The suspect crashed at PIne Mar and shots were fired resulting in the suspect's death.

Hamilton County District Attorney General Neal Pinkston has asked Chattanooga Police to investigate this incident. 

We have a crew on the scene are working to gather more information.