An emotional display during halftime of a local football game. 

Students and teachers honored one of their favorite teachers, long-time Ocoee Middle School Band Director Brian Gallaher. 

He was one of six killed in the June 25th multi-car crash on I-75 near Ooltewah. 

During his time teaching, he encouraged many former students to follow in his footsteps. 

It was the first halftime show performance for the Walker Valley High School marching band since the middle school teacher died. 

To honor the man who mentored almost every member of the 300-member band, they decided to dedicate the year to Mr. Gallaher. 

The performance, called Pulse has a special meaning. 

Walker Valley High School Marching Band Director Alan Hunt says every person needs a heartbeat to live and Mr. Gallaher was the pulse to the Walker Valley High School marching band. 

“He was  a big part of why Walker Valley High School band is what it is today, in fact, almost every single one of these students were a student of Brian Gallaher’s. So he touched our program, he was always over here helping us and so what better thing to do to honor him than by dedicating our entire year to Mr. Gallaher,” Hunt said. 

 Another important mention—Take a look at the marching band’s uniforms. 

They’re brand new and look wonderful under the bright lights. 

The marching band raised the $82,000 to purchase all 302 uniforms by themselves. 

Hunt says they wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of the community.