UPDATE: An online petition has been created to help a Hamilton County family.  The petition is aimed towards New York governor Andrew Cuomo in regards to David Karnauch.  The creator of the petition writes:

"Their son is a great friendly and outgoing person who happened to take a picture in a risky place.""...my personal belief the one person [Andrew Cuomo] who can actually help this family."

David Karnauch was arrested in Hamilton County on a warrant out of New York City.  Wednesday morning Karnauch was extradited to New York City on charges of reckless endangerment. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A Chattanooga man known for selfies in risky places now has a mug shot for the world to see. NYPD put a warrant out for his arrest after David Karnauch took a selfie on the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Karnauch may have broken laws in Chattanooga. On his Instagram account one of the photos shows him taking a selfie on top of the Market Street Bridge.

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“As far as the bridges used for outdoor activity they are meant to ride your bike, or walk across, or drive your car. they are not meant for climbing, repelling or any of those type of activities,” said Philip Grymes, Executive Director, Outdoor Chattanooga.

Photos show David Karnauch doing just that. We also found selfies on a radio/television antenna, without permission, that could be trespassing. NYPD issued a warrant for his arrest after a July photo on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office picked him up on Sunday on that warrant.

Ethan Ibach coaches climbers at High Point Chattanooga and discourages copycats.

“There is a scary aspect to it, where he could possibly fall, and if he did fall, it doesn't appear that he has any ropes or harnesses,” said Ibach.

Channel 3 wanted to know if the local photos could mean charges from CPD.

We received a written statement that said in part:

"There are safe ways in which community members can climb and enjoy outdoor sports responsibly. But, this could be considered dangerous and even illegal if an officer were to come in contact with an individual currently in the act.” 

Philip Grymes with Outdoor Chattanooga says anyone who wants to do this has to have permission.

“It’s been done before for special events. But just for the average citizen to say hey I want to go climb on a building or someone's private property you need to seek permission,” said Grymes.

Karnauch's charge in New York is reckless endangerment.
He is being held in the Hamilton County Jail without bond until New York can get him. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga resident David Karnauch has been arrested, and is being held as a “fugitive from New York.”

Karnauch snapped a selfie in early July of himself atop the Brooklyn Bridge which made national headlines as authorities  warned Americans to be vigilant and alert about possible terrorist activity prior to the Fourth of July.

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He was wanted for reckless endangerment in 2nd degree.

But it’s not the first time Karnauch has snapped a selfie atop a tall tower or bridge.

Channel 3 found several photos of Karnauch’s selfies; one on top of the massive concrete counterweight on the Market Street bridge; another of him near a the top of a crane that shows the Chattanooga skyline in the background. There's one labeled as Atlanta and another as Cincinnati.

He’s 21 years old.
He was arrested in Chattanooga in May for speeding. He’s due in court on that charge in December.
On his Linked In page. Karnauch describe himself as:
“I have an adventurous spirit that directly inspires my passion for learning and determination to fulfill the goals I set in life. With valuable skills obtained from a successful student career and various internship opportunities I am excited to face the challenges ahead.”