UPDATE: A wrongful death lawsuit filed against Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson and one of his deputies in federal court has been dismissed.

A release from the sheriff's office says the lawsuit against Sheriff Watson and Deputy Tiffany Goodwin over the death of Allan L. White III was dismissed because White's constitutional rights were not violated and Goodwin's conduct was deemed "reasonable."

The suit was filed after White was shot and killed by Deputy Goodwin in the July of 2015. Officials said Goodwin stopped by her home on her lunch break and was attacked by White, which ultimately led to the shooting.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: District Attorney Stephen D. Crump's office is petitioning the Circuit Court for Bradley County to allow public access to the investigative file from the shooting death of Allan Franklin White III.

White was fatally shot July 28, 2015 by Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tiffany Oakley.

The case is being investigated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation as dictated by state law for officer-involved shooting resulting in injury or death.

The Tennessee Code Annotated §10-7-504 provides that “all investigative records of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation shall be treated as confidential and shall not be open to inspection by members of the public. The information contained in such records shall be disclosed to the public only in compliance with a subpoena or an order of a court of record…” according to a news release from the District Attorney's office.

Crump's office is taking the action to "release of all officer involved shooting investigative files to the public after all prosecution functions are completed or a grand jury returns a not true bill."

The TBI is joining in the petition to release the report.

Personal information in the investigation report will be redacted before the report is released.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Bradley County deputy shot and killed a man early Tuesday morning after he attacked her at her home. 

At 2:00am, Tiffany Goodwin Oakley, a female deputy with the Bradley County Sheriff's Department, went to her house on her overnight shift lunch break.

There, she saw a man hiding behind a vehicle on her property and asked what he was doing. He then attacked the deputy. 

"He tackled her and they got in a scuffle and he took his hands and put them around her face and tried to kill her," Sheriff Eric Watson said. 

In March of 2015, Oakley was punched in the face by a suspect after a foot pursuit on Georgetown Road near the Meigs County line.

Watson said she used a stun gun which didn't work before resorting to deadly force. The man, identified as Allan White III, 23, was taken to a local hospital where he died. 

Watson isn't sure how many times White was shot. 

The 28-year-old deputy has been with the department for two years, according to Watson. She was checked out at the scene by EMS crews but she'll be okay. 

"She's taking it pretty rough," Watson said. "Anytime a deputy goes home that's their castle, their place. At this time we have no idea what the man was stalking her house for. He was clearly on her property and close to her front door."

Watson said she had never seen the man before. 

"No one wants to take anyone's life. But I want all my deputies going home too and living the next day. The guy clearly had no business stalking her house at 2am."

Watson said the man had an obvious motive and its a possibility she was targeted as a member of law enforcement. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is now handling the investigation. 

The deputy is now on paid administrative leave, per standard policy, and a pastor is on scene to speak with her.