X-rays, extractions, cleanings and fillings were all given away at the "Healthy Mouth Movement" Saturday afternoon. Aspen Dental provided the services to any veteran needing some help.

Millions of people are without dental care every year. "When you let a tooth go and you're having some pain, it's never gonna get better. It's just going to get worse," said Ashley Boling, dentist. "You need a filling and you don't get it, you're going to need a root canal. If you can't afford that, then you're gonna need an extraction; you lose that tooth, your bite changes, face changes."

For many, it's because of the expense. "It's $2,000 for a root canal," said James Gribble, WWII veteran. "I'm an old man and can't afford anymore root canals."

Veterans on limited income are no exception. "I'm getting a check-up. The V.A. don't do any dental work,” said Gribble.

Gribble served in the Army during World War II. He's getting his teeth cleaned and a filling repaired at no cost. "I appreciate it and it was nice to invite me," said Gribble.

It's a national campaign with Aspen Dental, to provide free dental care to all veterans on Saturday. "They're so sweet and a lot of them aren't getting what they need," said Boling.

Ben Clark is doing some of the cleaning and he's a veteran too, giving back to his fellow brothers and sisters. "It feels good. I feel like I'm doing something positive," said Clark.

Just a simple cleaning is their way to give back, to those who were willing to give everything. "I think our veterans are very important, I'm very thankful for them," said Boling.

Aspen Dental hoped to serve 30 patients at their Chattanooga office. It is an annual event.