UPDATE: Our NBC affiliate KTEN in Texoma, OK reports that a Georgia fugitive accused of numerous violent sex crimes has been found in Texoma.

Jeffery Dewayne Bully was indicted on 5 counts of rape and 6 counts of aggravated sexual assault and sodomy.

Police say they found Bully operating a home repair business in Durant after Georgia authorities alerted them that he might be in the area.

Bully was arrested on Wednesday in the 1000 block of North 3rd St.

He will face extradition proceedings back to Georgia.

PREVIOUS STORY: Detectives with the Murray County Sheriff's Office are seeking two former probation agents who are now under indictment for allegedly raping female clients at a Chatsworth sober living facility.

Conasauga District Attorney Bert Poston revealed the 15 count indictment against 44 year old Jeffery Dewayne Bully and 51 year old Bobby "Showtime" Edwards Tuesday. Bully is accused of accosting at least seven probation clients, Edwards indicted for allegedly assaulting two women under his supervision.

"I had already told my lawyer look , 'I'd rather go back to jail than go back to the program,'" said Chatsworth's Kaitlyn Marshall, a former client of Rise Above Recovery, the now closed substance abuse recovery residence where many of the alleged crimes took place.

It and others similar to it are facilities that drug addled probationers are often sent to as a term of their sentence.

The criminal investigation began rather innocently, with Marshall calling to complain about a bed bug infestation.
"Once that occurred, as far as speaking with them we learned of the sexual issues with the females," says Murray County Sheriff Detective James Davenport, who is heading the investigation.

"Once the investigation started, we didn't know it was going to get this big," says Murray County Sheriff Gary Langford, who says the accused ran the recovery center in a gray area of the law.

"They're sort of like an officer, what they are violating is under the color of the law, they have to be approved through the state of Georgia," says Sheriff Langford.     

"What they were trying to operate and what they operated before is considered a sober living environment," says Davenport, who alleges Chatsworth's Rise

Above Recovery residence was not a legitimate rehab center that requires a licensed doctor on staff.
Davenport says it wasn't the accused duo's only criminal endeavor.

"Throughout the investigation we learned Mr. Bully had operated two other rehabs in the metro Atlanta area," says Davenport, who adds that both Atlanta area locations have closed with both men now on the run.

Back in Chatsworth, Kaitlyn Marshall feels facilities like this need more oversight.

"They need people with standards, people with morals, he was here for money, that is all he was here for," says Marshall of Bully.
"It's something I think does need to be looked at because there's probably a lot of this going on in the state of Georgia and probably in other states," opines Langford.

We spoke with Bobby Edwards by phone Friday night.
He denies the accusations and said one of the women he's accused of raping is actually his fiance.
Edwards wouldn't reveal his current location but Marshall claims "Showtime" is still in the immediate area.
Authorities believe Jeffery Bully is back in his native Oklahoma, where he has previously served time in prison and is identified as a convicted felon.
Rise Above Recovery was in business a little more than a year and authorities fear there may be more sexual assault victims connected to the case who have yet come forward.
If you have any information for investigators, you are asked to contact the Murray County Sheriff's Office at 706-695-4592.