The 2015 Chattanooga Police Department Annual Awards Ceremony was held Tuesday as a part of National Police Week.  
The awards are to pay tribute to officers, civilian employees and community members who went above and beyond the call of duty in 2014. 

One of the most touching moments came when the mother of an infant who was shot earlier this year presented three officers with a life saving award.

That shooting happened at College Hill Courts on January 7th.
18-year-old Cortez Sims (who was 17 at the time) is accused of shooting and killing one person and injuring three others, including a one-year-old Zoey Duncan.
Zoey is alive and well today thanks to these officers.

"It was almost like tunnel vision, I went directly to her," said Officer Brandon Herring, "The other officers went upstairs and found the other victims that had been shot as well."

Officer Herring was the first to find one-year-old Zoey Duncan with a bullet in her back and wrapped in a blood soaked blanket.

"I instantly checked her pulse, she had a low pulse and raspy breathing," said Herring.

An ambulance was on the way -- but Herring knew Zoey couldn't wait.

He and another officer drove Zoey to the hospital in a patrol car.

"We got her to the hospital in the care of a physician as EMS was getting on scene," Herring said, "So I would say what we did was vital to her survival and recovery."

Now they're being recognized for the actions that saved Zoey's life. Officer Herring, Officer Clayton Holmes and Sgt. Darrell Turner were given the life saving award, presented by Zoey and her mother Bianca Horton.

"If it wasn't for them, you know Zoey may not be here at this point," Horton said, "But now she's here and she's big and she's talking."

There was a time in Zoey's recovery when doctors said she may never walk again because the bullet hit her spinal cord, but at the awards ceremony Zoey was full of life and moving her legs.

"Now as you can see she's up, she's talking," Horton said, "She's playing she has more energy than anything."

The young man charged in the shooting was charged as an adult.

A grand jury is expected to hear his case soon.

Those recognized include:            

  • Spirit of Community Policing: Captain Brian Cotter, Officer Billy Atwell
  • Distinguished Alumnus: Michael Walden, Mike Williams
  • Community Partners: Dr. Everlena Holmes, Ms. Olga de Klein
  • Law Enforcement Partner of the Year: TN Dept. of Corrections, Probation and Parole Division
  • CPD Explorers: Darius Campbell and Ian Haga
  • Citizens' Police Academy Alumni Association: David McGlumphy
  • Officer of the Year: Sergeant David Allen
  • Patrol Officer of the Year: Officer Colton Krumrie
  • Investigator of the Year: Investigator Tim Pickard
  • Civilian of the Year: Yolanda Massey
  • Rookie of the Year: Officer Jeffrey Buckner
  • Supervisor of the Year: Sergeant Becky Shelton
  • Manager of the Year: Assistant Chief Tracy Arnold
Life Saving Awards

  • Officer Mikel Thomas
  • Officer Clayton Holmes
  • Officer Brandon Herring,
  • Sgt. Darrell Turner
  • Officer Matthew Robertson
  • Officer Caleb Brooks
  • Officer Harry Horton
  • Officer Trevor Creighton
  • Sgt. Daniel Francis