UPDATE:  Eleven iPads stolen last week from Brainerd Baptist School have now been returned to the school.

The thieves were caught in the act on surveillance camera at the campus.

After Channel 3 aired the story Friday, the iPads were recovered, dropped off at the school by a lawyer.

Brainerd Baptist tells Channel 3 they believe parents of the teens in the surveillance video saw the pictures and acted to return the devices to the school.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga Police are investigating a Wednesday morning burglary that was only uncovered Friday afternoon.

Brainerd Baptist School Headmaster Sean Corcoran says 11 iPads were stolen from a classroom and that two potential suspects were caught on the school's surveillance system minutes before the technology turned up missing, but what they have yet to ascertain is the burglars' point of entry.

"We haven't yet, no because our alarm system was turned off because our custodian had come in at 3:58 that morning, one of our custodians had came in and deactivated the alarm," says Corcoran, who adds he doesn't suspect his longtime employee.

But two guys, caught on the school's surveillance system, could be the culprits.

"They were trying to gain access to our building around 4 o clock Wednesday morning, around 10 to 15 after 4 Wednesday morning and we know through technology that our iPads went missing around 4:30. Could be coincidence that that just happened to happen but we don't really understand why they're trying to get inside our building at that time of the day."

Corcoran says he doesn't recognize either of the two young men, and that his school wasn't the only potential burglary target

"There were several reports through the neighborhood of somebody checking doors in the neighborhood that night as well so I would assume they were just looking for something."

Police are now looking for these two subjects as possible suspects. Corcoran says while he may never see the stolen I-Pads returned, he does have faith in detectives working the case.

"Police are working with the pawn shops and the serial numbers and those type of things to see if they get a hit."

The iPads are worth an estimated $4,000. If you have any information in this case, you're asked to contact the Chattanooga Police Department.