There are two ways to get to Trevor Shattuck's South Pittsburg home.

“It's easier to get up this piece when it's wet. Behind my old fishing truck is an old access dirt road that comes from the top,” he said.

But it's part of this driveway that's causing a dispute between Shattuck and one of his neighbors.

Shattuck is a veteran who's dedicated more than 30 years of service to the Air Force. He and his wife picked this area to raise their twin boys.

“We started in 2007 buying properties that connected and put a plan in place that this would be our retirement home,” he said.

Shattuck bought the property at the end of his driveway in 2010 because he says it's the safest route in the event of an emergency.

“I used an attorney, a local attorney. I have a warranty deed. I paid the money for the agreed price for the property,” he said.

But Shattuck recently received papers from an attorney saying Ruric Brandt, who lives nearby, actually owns the land.

The attorney, who represents Brandt, tells Channel 3, Brandt purchased the deed after a foreclosure, which would require Shattuck to obtain a release of a deed of trust.

If both sides can't resolve the issue, it could be left up to a judge to decide.

“I have to go through and explain to the judge what got me to this point and then [Brandt] can explain why he's so infatuated with this little piece of concrete,” Shattuck said.

The state property assessor's website shows Shattuck owns the property. Both men tell Channel 3 they pay taxes on the land.

But for now, it's an unsettled battle that lies on paper.

Attorneys advise you to purchase title insurance when buying land deeds to protect yourself from situations like this one.