NASHVILLE, TN (AP) - Gov. Bill Haslam says there should be more open conversations about race and that there are means of discussion other than Facebook.

The Republican governor was referencing a Facebook post by Republican Rep. Sheila Butt of Columbia.

Butt's post said called for a "Council on Christian Relations and an NAAWP." It was a comment on a Jan. 26 open letter from the Council on American-Islamic Relations urging potential Republican presidential candidates to reach out to American Muslim voters.

Critics say "NAAWP" has been used by white supremacist organizations and stands for the "National Association for the Advancement of White People."

Haslam told reporters this week there are other forums to discuss race.

There have been calls for Butt, who is white, to apologize and step down from her leadership position. Butt says her post was misinterpreted.

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