The pending new state record largemouth bass was caught on Chickamauga Lake today by angler Gabe Keen from Caryville, TN.

Keen's fish weighed in at 15.20 lbs. on certified scales eclipsing the old record by more than a half of a pound.

The previous State record was set back in 1954 out of Sugar Creek in Lawrance County Tn weighed in at 14 lbs. 8 ozs.

Gabe reported catching the record bass on an A-Rig this morning fishing in the mid-lake section of Chickamauga.

"I didn't realize how big the fish was until I got it in the boat and weighed on my scales. When I saw 15lbs. 3 ozs. on my scales I started shaking all over and that's when I knew I had just caught the potential State Record Bass," said Keen

Most local anglers felt like the next Tennessee State record largemouth would come from Chickamauga.

Chickamauga has been producing giant fish in the last several years due in part to TWRA stocking programs and the return of aquatic vegetation.

"Chickamauga Lake is kind of the perfect storm right now," says TWRA Biologist Mike Jolley. "The habitat aquatic vegetation has done well, and you've got a good forage base. It's a rich environment right now and there's no doubt that the current TWRA stocking program levels out some poor year classes,"