The head of the CDC is issuing a new warning about the growing measles outbreak. It's spreading across the country, with 102 reported cases.

The CDC says it could get much worse. There have been no reported cases in Tennessee, or any bordering states.

One North Georgia mother still says no way.

"It's too much of a risk", Rebekka Stark says vaccines are no longer an option for her family after her son had a reaction.

"He had his two month old shots and that's when everything went down hill. He was almost paralyzed. He wouldn't walk when it was time. He was stiff. He just got to the point that he could walk normal. He still has problems running."

Stark says she worked with her son for months to get him to this point and with a new child on the way, she's not taking the same chance because she believes what's inside the vaccine is unhealthy for her children.

"I can only count on God to heal my kids. I'm not leaving it up to any doctors."

The CDC says severe reactions to the vaccine are very rare. And doctors are encouraging parents to re-think their decision to vaccinate, saying what's inside the vial could stop an outbreak.

Dr. Robert Jaconson, Mayo Clinic Pediatrics, "Parents to this day are following this fabricated tale and making decisions based on something that really never had a scientific basis and has been turned over repeatedly by studies done around the world by all sorts of individuals and organizations."

Stark says she's sticking to her guns. "I can't sit and say you don't need to vaccinate your kid. I give my story to them and they can take their story from that."

Even those who have the vaccine aren't totally immune to the disease, one in twenty will still catch the disease even if they're up to date on their shots.