Garbage men and women were busy today picking up post-Christmas trash, but some locals are trying to stay green with their garbage.

"Just wanted to get in here early in the morning and get in and move on," said Dallas Rector.

It's one of the busiest days of the year for garbage collectors and recycling centers as they take in the trash left over from the holidays; from bows, to bags, to boxes and even a Christmas tree or two.

"I usually try and come about once every two weeks," said Rector.

Rector is no exception, he's has loads left over too.

"I've got two big barrels that I fill up," Rector said.

This week, his receptacles filled up quicker than usual.

"Cardboard boxes and mainly that and wrapping stuff and wrapping tubes," said Rector. "In here you can kind of sort everything and if it can go on to be reused again, that's great.”

He's making sure his Christmas season stays green, long after the trees lose their color.

"We have a great facility here and if we don't use it, ya know, they don't really have much of a reason to keep it," said Rector.

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