A Chattanooga man will serve six years in prison for robbing a Good Samaritan at knife point.

Cornelius Bloodsaw was accused of robbing the 70-year-old Charles Finley in the spring, after Finley agreed to give him a ride to the bus stop in the pouring rain.

Bloodsaw was originally charged with aggravated robbery and assault. He took a plea deal on Thursday afternoon. Bloodsaw pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of robbery. The assault charge was dropped.

"I'm glad it's over," Finley said after the hearing. "I'm glad justice has prevailed."

Finley hopes Thursday's court appearance is the last time he'll ever see the man who robbed him.

"All he could say was, 'Give me your wallet or I'll kill you right here'," Finley remembered.

Finley was on Brainerd Road getting his daily morning coffee at McDonald's when Bloodsaw approached him in the parking lot, asking for a ride to the bus stop.

"It was raining, so really, I felt sorry for him," Finley said. "I said, 'Sure, get in. You can ride.'"

"I made a big mistake."

After driving a few blocks, Bloodsaw held a knife against Finley's stomach, demanding his wallet that was holding $600 before running off.

Finley believes he was targeted. Police tracked down Bloodsaw and arrested him several days later.

But despite what happened, Finley never let the robbery ruin the best part of his day.

"Still going back to McDonald's and having coffee with the gang," Finley said.