Decorations adorn Kids Corner Park in Red Bank for Saturday's Christmas festival. It's the first year for the afternoon event which leads to the annual parade later in the day.

"There will be vendors selling various wares--Christmas attire, toys, and those kind of things. [There will be] singers from area churches," says city manager Randall Smith.

The parade is typically held on Friday evening, but the move to Saturday and adding the festival are aimed at upping attendance. Instead of rushing home from work to catch the parade, people can enjoy a relaxing afternoon of fun, and kids can meet Santa early.

Unfortunately, rain is likely to put a damper on these best-laid plans, at least part of the day. Butsmith isn't letting the forecast dampen the holiday spirit.

"We're going to go ahead with the activities as scheduled," states Smith. "Crossing our fingers and toes that the rain stays away for the afternoon."

The 25 to 30 vendors have been asked to bring stand-up tents to keep their areas dry. Small groups of people can gather under a canopy in the park if the rain gets heavy.

It's not the ideal situation, but smith wants to avoid changing the date if possible.

"People who have joined the parade, who are vendors, have this on their calendar," explains Smith. "They've committed to this. So if we change it, they may have to drop out."

Here's the best piece of advice he can give while encouraging everyone to come enjoy the festivities.

"Santa's going to bring his reindeer, so I guess everybody else should bring rain gear, right," says Smith as he chuckles.

The festival starts at noon followed by the parade at 5 p.m. To check for updates in case plans do change, visit the official city of Red Bank website.

If the festival and/or parade have to be postponed, the tentative rain date is Saturday, December 13.