If you can't tell it's Championship Week in Jasper, Tennessee by all the rallying signs around town for the Marion County Warriors Football, you certainly should be able to tell by the t-shirt printing press firing away behind Maximum Sports on Jasper's Town Square.

" We've been going 8, 10, 12 hours a day trying to keep up with production so everybody has something to wear Saturday," says store co-owner Kim Tate.

She. like many in Marion County, are pumped for the teams' first shot at a state title since 1995.

" Oh we're very excited," says Dusty Adkins outside the old Marion County Courthouse. " I mean, who wouldn't be?  This is great for the whole county."

The Warriors prepare for the Tennessee's 2A state football title against Peabody.

Tate has been pressing a new line of shirts with every Warriors playoff win.

Like I said, she's been busy.

" Its unbelievable the support that they have, everyone is behind them."

' I can't say enough about the boys, Coach Ross, the assistants and the administration there how they have pulled together this season and made us proud," says     Marion Schools superintendent Mark Griffith, who echoes what nearly every Warrior fan will tell you. 

Come game time Saturday, Jasper's population of 3 thousand plus will nosedive.

" It will totally be a ghost town with everyone in Cookeville. Go Warriors, " cheers Adkins 

" We were talking about that, someone is going to drive through and they won't know what hit it. No stores are going to be open, nothing. Its going to be crazy! " predicts Warriors quarterback Bryce Massengale.

"  I guess everyone in the county will be there, I wish them luck and hope it turns out good," smiles Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett, who says his department and Jasper Police will handle the escort duties for the team. 

But Kim Tate will be one of the few not making the trip to Cookeville, expecting business to pick up even more with another Warriors victory.

" If that's the case we'll go straight back into production and we'll have state championship shirts ready by Saturday when the team and fans get back," plans Tate.

As for Superintendent Griffith, he's expecting to cash in another way, with his gentlemanly bet with his Gibson County counterpart.

" After the game, I plan on accepting that wager." 

" Can you enlighten us on what we're wagering?" asks the inquiring reporter.

" I'd rather not," retorts Griffith with a laugh.