The son of a Chattanooga man will have a key role in Thursday night's production of "Peter Pan Live" at 8 p.m. on NBC and Channel 3.

F. Michael Haynie, known to his friends as "F.", plays the part of one of the Lost Boys.

This is not the first time a Haynie family member has been in a production of Peter Pan. F. Michael Haynie tells Channel 3 his father, Philip Haynie, played the role of Captain Hook in the Chattanooga Theatre Centre production back in 1995.

Haynie, in the center of video wearing stripes, joined his two fellow actors in discussing the upcoming performance.

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Just hours before his live performance, Haynie told Channel 3, "Like father like dad as Hook at Chattanooga Theatre Centre...I'm a Lost Boy on NBC! Dream comes true!"

The younger Haynie has also documented his experience on Twitter. He first announced that he had made the cast of "Peter Pan Live" back on September 8. On October 7, Haynie mentioned it was his "first day of school," referring to the beginning of rehearsals. Just a few weeks later he tweeted about the cast's first full run-through in the studio was on October 30. Then on November 5 he tweeted, "First day in Neverland... Guys, this set is jaw-droppingly beautiful. December 4th is COMING!"

The musical actor has lived in New York for about 10 years. He made his Broadway debut in 2012 as Boq in the hit musical "Wicked." He grew up in Macon, Georgia where his mother still lives and teacher theater.

"I think we have a really, really great show with really unique and amazing performances and truly a Peter Pan that no one has ever seen before,” F. Michael Haynie told our NBC affiliate in Macon. 

"It's one time and then it's over. If I add up every single time I've been on a doesn't add up to the number of people that will see this telecast in one night,” Haynie added.

Haynie's father used to train theater students at Dalton State Community College. 

Thursday night will not be the first time F. Michael Haynie has performed live on NBC. He and members of the cast were part of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade last week.