A house where five people were shot at a party over the weekend sits empty tonight.

That's because Chattanooga Code Enforcement inspectors deemed it unsafe.

The shooting happened just after midnight Sunday morning at a home on East 13th Street. All five victims were under the age of 21.

“In the living room, it was just matted down dirty carpet with burns in it. It was a big space that seemed like they were hosting parties,” Chattanooga Police Department Captain Brian Cotter said.

Neighbors told officers parties are often held at the house, making it a nuisance for the neighborhood. Reanita Carter told us in a previous interview she lived inside the home with three of her seven kids. Which is why Cotter brought in inspectors with Chattanooga Code Enforcement.

“The code enforcement inspectors started taking their pictures and making notes and it took them about 10 minutes before they came back to me and said they were going to condemn the house,” Cotter added.

The house didn't have adequate plumbing or heat—Some of the violations that forced inspectors to shut it down. Cotter says it will also prevent another incident like what happened on Sunday.

“I was happy they condemned it and I'm happy they're moving on so I don't have to worry about shots fired in a neighborhood, people running across other people's yards shooting back at each other. We don't need that in a neighborhood and I'm glad to get rid of it,” Cotter said.

Carter spoke to us earlier this week about her worries over losing her housing voucher through the Chattanooga Housing Authority.

“I'm going to have to go back to being homeless and have my kids go from shelter to shelter until I find somewhere to stay. It's a lot of have to endure for just having a party,” Carter said.

But Cotter says it's not only his job to keep this neighborhood safe, but Carter's children as well.

Child services is helping the family find a safer place to live.

There have been no arrests made in Sunday's shooting.


The house on East 13th Street where five people were shot over the Thanksgiving weekend has been condemned by Chattanooga Code Enforcement.

UPDATE: Police are trying to figure out what led to a shooting that sent 5 people to the hospital early Sunday morning.

In response to this weekend's violence, police say they are beefing up their patrols and increasing communication with people in the community.

Nearly every room inside of the home on East 13th Street shows where bullets pierced windows, walls and doors.

Reanita Carter, a
mother of 7, told Channel 3 that gunmen surrounded her home just after midnight then opened fire on nearly 100 people inside celebrating her godson's 18th birthday.

"My kids don't even want to come here they're staying at my friend's house because they're scared. It's a senseless crime, it shouldn't have even happened... we were just having a party," said Carter.

In all 5 people were shot, a 20 year-old-man, 3 teenage boys and a 21-year-old woman. Police say some victims had to have surgery but all 5 will be okay. Police say finding the gunmen responsible is a top priority.

"We've sent out our officers, pulled additional resources to not only be in the area of the incident but also to just to give a more visible presence," said Deputy Chief David Roddy, Chattanooga Police Dept. "It has our entire force, it has members of our neighborhood unit, investigations unit, command staff and watch commander tonight everybody is taking a specific look at what's going on in that neighborhood," said Deputy Chief Roddy.

Carter tells Channel 3 Eyewitness News she not only fears the gunmen still at large but she fears losing her home. Officials with Chattanooga Housing Authority tell Channel 3 they're investigating whether or not Carter is in violation of her leasing agreement. They're working with police to see how many times officers have been called to the home in the last year. If people staying in the house are involved in drugs or crimes, officials say they could end her housing voucher.

"What am I supposed to do it's Christmas time,"said Carter. "When I go to bed I think about it...am I going to have a place to stay when I wake up? Are my kids going to be safe to come home? The only thing I can do is think and pray."

Chattanooga Police say in the past year, officers have only been called to the home one time for a domestic disturbance.

Carter says she doesn't have any idea why her home was targeted in the shooting. She says the victims who were shot were only there visiting with her family at the party. If any one knows anything that can help investigators, call Chattanooga Police.

 Five people were injured in an overnight shooting in Chattanooga.

It happened on East 13th Street just after midnight, while a family was having a birthday party.

"There's bullet holes in my daughters' room, on the front porch, on the side of the house and in my room," said Reanita Carter, Homeowner.  

Reanita Carter says, rounds of gunshots were fired towards her home on E. 13th Street early Sunday morning, piercing every room inside, during what should have been a party to celebrate her godsons' birthday.

"It was like, pop, pop, pop, really loud," said Carter.

Three young children were playing in their rooms.

5 victims were injured; a 20-year-old male, 3 teenage boys and a 21-year-old female.

"It doesn't make sense because we were not bothering anybody, we were having a party," said Carter.

Carter says she has no idea why her home was targeted.

"Every time a shooting happens it doesn't mean that it is gang related. So why do you think this happened? Someone is just hating," said Carter.

80 people showed up to the house party. Carter believes those who were not invited wanted to retaliate and cause chaos.  

Witness to afraid to speak on-camera tell Channel 3, they don't agree with that theory, saying this incident is gang related.  

"8 cars pulled up around my house, four in the front and four in the back.  They shot my house up," said Carter.

Carter believes several gunman were involved and described how one was seen on foot entering through the back window, shooting one of the victims at close range.  

She is now fearful and hopes someone will call Chattanooga Police with information to help catch those responsible.  

"Come forward, who did this? It was a senseless crime that should have not happened," said Carter.

All of the victims received what police call non-life threatening injuries and are expected to be okay.

If you have any information that can help investigators, call Chattanooga Police. You can leave an anonymous tip.

Chattanooga Police responded to 2412 East 13th Street on a person shot around 12:02 Sunday morning.

Officers located 2 victims suffering from non-life threatening injuries, a 19-year-old Demonya Battle and an 18-year-old Joshua Woodruff.

Investigators tell Channel 3 that officers were later told of two more victims who arrived at a local hospital via personal vehicle.

The third victim, a minor suffered non-life threatening injuries. The fourth victim, a 20-year-old Raheem E. Cobbins  also suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Officers were later flagged down by a fifth victim, a 21-year-old Shandextria Pitts  on South Willow Street who was suffering from non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators learned there was a birthday party at 2412 East 13th Street when an unknown suspect began shooting into the residence.

Chattanooga Police ask anyone with information regarding this crime to call 423-698-2525.  

The investigation is ongoing.