Singer songwriter Jimmy Wayne is making it his life's mission to help older kids who don't have parents.  

He recently came to Chattanooga to share his story with more than a hundred young people who will need support as they age our of the system.

Jimmy Wayne, musician, "Over the past 16 years I've been out performing,  But it's always been my passion to use this experience this talent , if you will, to give back.  To just do events to raise awareness for foster children and these kids in America who are  being abuse and neglected. it makes no sense to me why  they're having to go through this  but it's my job to speak up for 'em."

Because of Jimmy Wayne's persistence, Tennessee is now one of several states that continue to support these kids after they turn 18.  Among his most ardent fans are those who grew up in and out of foster care like he did.  

Mindy Gonzales and her former high school counselor, Kristen Snyder  wanted to meet him and let him know he's making a difference. 

Kristen flew here to be a part of Mindy's wedding.  In fact she was one of several adults who loved and supported Mindy as she grew up.  

Mindy, "I was fortunate to have all of my foster parents and all these people in my life who loved me and cared for me along the way that's really helped me grow into the person I am today.  Without those people I wouldn't be who I am."

Mindy has already paid it forward by being a foster parent herself to these girls who also helped celebrate her wedding.  

Mindy and her new husband celebrate their first Thanksgiving this week and plan to share their blessings with many more children.  

"The message is so simple and so pure the reason for the pain is to lead us to the the cure."