You can hear the terror as a young mom pleads for help after learning someone broke into her Cleveland home with her three kids, ages 16, 9 and 7 inside.

“My kids just called and said somebody's in there. My son said somebody was trying to tie his feet up and I kept saying I'm sending the police!” she told 9-1-1 operators.

Zach Thompson, 16, was one of those kids. He sat next to his grandmother as he told with Channel 3 to tell his terrifying yet brave story.

“He got this knife out of this bag that he had brought and went to the back door and tried to jam the lock so the door wouldn't open,” he said.

Robert Eaves, 51, was registered as a violent sex offender. Police say he had abducted a 28 year old female neighbor near his home earlier that day and took her to the home on Phillips Street.

Thompson's mom told 9-1-1 operators Eaves was her aunt's ex-husband.

“He told me he was there to talk to my mom and he was going to have a conversation. We were all going to sit down and have a conversation. It wasn't going to be a pretty conversation and it wasn't going to be pretty to sit and listen to,” Thompson said.

Thompson's 7-year-old brother saw an opportunity to call their mom for help when Eaves stepped outside to get the 28-year-old woman, who was handcuffed inside the car.

It was that phone call Thompson believes saved all of their lives.

“He had every intent of hurting someone whether it was all of us or just my mom or whoever it was that he was going to. There's no one that would not come to someone else's house and not hurt somebody with all the things he had in that bag,” Thompson added.

The terrifying ordeal lasted about 45 minutes before police showed up at the front door.

That's when Eaves tried to assault police officers with a knife, forcing police to fire their service weapon, hitting and killing Eaves.

“I had to think straight for me and them, definitely,” Thompson said.

A situation that could have been very different if it wasn't for these quick-thinking kids.

Two officers are on routine administrative leave, which is part of Cleveland Police Department policy. No one was hurt.


Channel 3 obtained the 911 recording from the telephone call made to Cleveland police Tuesday morning as Robert Eaves entered a Cleveland home. Eaves was fatally shot as he approached police officers wielding a knife.

911. Location of your emergency?

1009 Phillips Street.


Yeah. My kid just called and said somebody's there. My son said somebody was trying to tie his feet up and I kept saying, 'I'm sending the police.' He said, 'Mom, hurry up!' They're 17, 9 and 7. Will you please hurry? I'm leaving right now.

Ma'am, we're on the way over there. Is there supposed to be anyone over there?

(inaudible) I don't know if anybody's there. My son's there. My son, my oldest son. I'm scared. I'm scared.

Any idea who it might be there?

He kept saying, 'Rob. Rob.' It's Robert. It's Robert Eaves, I'm pretty for sure. It's Robert Eaves.

Who is he to you?

He's my Aunt's ex-husband.

: Two Cleveland police officers are on paid administrative leave after shooting and killing a knife-wielding man.

The incident, which happened Tuesday, left 51-year-old Robert Edwin Eaves of Cleveland dead.

Eaves, a registered violent sex offender, abducted a 28-year-old female neighbor from a location near his home and took her to a residence on Phillips Street, where three children, including a 16-year-old babysitter, were inside.  

Eaves got into the house and threatened them. One of the children was able to call their mother, who immediately called authorities around 11:30 a.m. 

The officers soon arrived to the house. During an interaction with the officers, Eaves produced a knife and attempted to assault them, after which, one or both of the officers fired their service weapon, hitting and killing Eaves.

According to TBI records, Eaves was convicted in 2006 for a criminal attempt to commit rape.

The Cleveland police officers are said to be "okay" according to Cleveland police spokesperson Evie West.

West says there hasn't been an officer-involved shooting in Cleveland in at least 10 years.

One neighbor tells Channel 3 he "heard at least 7 or 8 shots."

The officers, Jacob Varnell, 25, and Jody Musselwhite, 45, are currently on routine administrative leave, per Cleveland Police Department policy. The officers did not sustain serious injuries.

The 28-year-old woman is still being interviewed by investigators. The babysitter and two children were unharmed.

The investigation continues, at the request of 10
District Attorney General Steve Crump.

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