Tammy Martin is thankful her rescue dog named Lu-Lu was relentless, hoping she would wake up in the middle of the night. 

The mixed breed licked her face and barked. When Tammy opened her eyes, everything was on fire, including the roof that was partially collapsed. 

The only items that were salvaged were a few pictures of Tammy's husband who lost his fight with cancer 2 years ago.  

Tammy says, it will be hard having to start over. Her log cabin in Ooltewah valued at $500,000  is now a total loss. 

She watched crews clean the debris when the sun set with her best friend by her side. Tammy believes Lu-Lu is a guardian angel that watches over her whole family.  

Tammy says, “we found her on Craigslist. She was my husband's service dog before he passed away. She is my hero. We have been through a lot.”

Two Peacocks, a chicken and two cats also survived. 

Man's best friend proved to be a woman's best friend Friday morning as a dog alerted its owner to a house fire in Ooltewah.

The early morning fire at a log cabin on Providence Road was apparently caused by a wood-burning stove, according to fire officials .

The owner was woken by her dog and smoke alarm, and found the flames lapping up the wall near the stove. She was able to escape with the dog without injuries.

When firefighters arrived, flames were coming through the home's roof. They were able to contain the fire, but the home is a total loss, with the damage estimated to be 500,000.

The homeowner will stay with family members, according to Hamilton County Emergency Services.