Sgt. Bill Phillips works cold cases for he Chattanooga Police Department and this week in Crime Stoppers, he offers one that remains a mystery. "I've not had a new piece of information in this case in some years, now," he said.

November 20, 2004, skeletal remains were found near an alley at East Main and Mitchell Avenue on Chattanooga's Southside. "Wrapped, I guess you would say, in a piece of carpet," Sgt. Phillips explained. "Hidden by a recliner. Yeah, it was obviously foul play."

Decomposition was so severe, investigators could only recognize the remains as being that of a female. Dental records identified her as 37-year old Gina Muir. The coroner located a fracture at the base of her skull. Her death was not an accident.

We spoke with Muir's mother, Gloria Edge, in 2010. "There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her," she said. Her pain over the loss of her only child is just as real today.

The two had lived together until march of 2004, but Gina's life took a turn and her mother took action. "What caused me to ask her to leave was tough love," said Edge.

"Gina had gone to a lifestyle that left her in harm's way," Phillips said. Drugs and other activity lead her to the streets of East Lake, Highland Park, and, ultimately, the south side, where she was discovered.

"I think there's somebody out there that knows something that could help," Edge pleaded. "Just a small detail."

That is what we are hoping; for resolution for the cold case squad, justice for Gina, and closure for her mother. "I know being able to sit down with her and tell her, 'look, this is what happened. This is who did it. We know this because...,' with all the pain that I'm sure would be there initially, I'm sure that, over time, she could begin to heal," said Sgt. Phillips.

We are looking for any bit of information about Gina Muir and her last days, whether it seems important or not. You never know how a clue can fit into the puzzle investigators have been constructing for the last decade. If you are scared of retribution, know that your call to Crime Stoppers is confidential. Even if you get paid, we will never ask your identity. And there is up to $1,000 reward on the table in this case.

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Ten years is a long time. Help us close this case and finally let Gina's mother lay her to rest.