It's not often we see someone take a stand going above and beyond to help a complete stranger in need. One Chattanooga business man did just that after seeing Channel 3's story Monday night on the Dalton man who was beaten and stabbed while walking home from work Friday.

Channel 3 introduced you to a long time cook in Dalton, attacked on Glenwood Drive. Police say he was walking home from work when 5 men in a white van beat him, stabbed and robbed him and a co-worker. The father of 4 can't work right now. He told Channel 3 he was worried about supporting his family including one disabled son who depends on his paycheck. After our story aired Chattanooga CEO of Adman Electric, Todd Moreland reached out to us wanting to help.

"It's just the senselessness of it. The poor guy has been working at the same place for 15 years, he's a cook, he's trying to do his job and he can't even walk back to his house without being attacked for 20 dollars. He was stabbed 3 times, hit with a baseball bat... I mean it doesn't get much worse than that," said Moreland.

Channel 3 helped Moreland get in touch with the victim in Dalton. The victim was at home recovering, not expecting any surprises. Moreland a complete stranger to the family gave them a generous donation to help right the wrong. For the first time since the attack the victim and his family were smiling ear to ear...

"I'm so happy I want to say thank you," said the victim.

Moreland at first didn't want anyone to know about the donation, then thought maybe sharing his story could help inspire others watching...

"It's well worth it you know I have a company with great guys who work for me and we're able to make some money and part of that is the responsibility to help other. This is something Ii've never done before but again it moved me to the part I've got to do something and hopefully it makes a difference," said Moreland.

The victim tells Channel 3 he will use the money to take care of his family and medical bills..

Dalton Police still need your help finding the people responsible for the attack. A witness told police a woman was driving the solid white Ford Windstar van used in the crime. The suspects are only described as 5 Hispanic men in dark clothing. One of the masked men had some sort of facial tattoo.  If you know any information that could help investigators call Dalton Police.