NBC News - Need to pick up a few more pots and pans before your Thanksgiving cooking kicks off?

You picked the right time. You can save up to 40 percent on cookware during the month of November, but Doc Willoughby from America's Test Kitchen has a few things for you to keep in mind before you hit the store.  

“Every cook needs a non-stick frying pan, a stock pot, a colander and a good wooden spoon,” Doc Willoughby from America's Test Kitchen told TODAY. And as you pick up each one, there are some things to look for.

Skip the set: America's Test Kitchen advises that the most wasteful way to spend money on cookware is by buying a set, as cookware makers often stick in pans and pots that no one wants as a way to get rid of them. 

Pans: No need to shell out the dough here. “For just about 30 bucks, you can get the right pan,” Willoughby said, but do expect to upgrade after a year of consistent use. When buying a pan, look for multiple layers of non-stick cooking surface to ensure that the pan will hold up and deliver a smooth performance with every use within that year.

Stock pots: Size does matter for your stock pot. “You want it to be big enough so you can do a big batch of chili or a lot of pasta, but not so big that you have nowhere to store it,” Willoughby said. Look for solid, heavy bottoms to minimize burning and pay attention to the handles so make sure they are securely attached.

Colander: When it comes to a colander, keep an eye on the holes. Willoughby said it's best to buy a colander with small holes so whatever you might be draining doesn't fall through. 

Wooden spoon: Not a lot to worry about here. Just make sure you have a comfortable grip on the handle and that it feels like a durable piece.