Another armed robbery along busy Highway 58, this time, at a convenience store. There is nothing really uncommon about those two occurrences, but a couple of features set this crimes apart. First: it happened Monday, November 3rd, around 8 PM. As Chattanooga Police Officer Tim McFarland says, that is prime time. "Very bold," he said. "Yeah, it seems kinda like an odd time to strike a business because there are a lot of customers coming and going."

Secondly, this bad guy did not arm himself with a gun, nor a knife. "(He) Walked up to the counter, initially asked for cigarettes, and then displayed what appeared to be a letter opener, silver in color," McFarland explained. Store security video shows the clerk wisely comply.

A letter opener may not sound like a lethal weapon, but if a criminal has made up his mind to rob you, you can never know what else he is ready to do. "The counter was kinda open," added Off. McFarland, "so, he had immediate access to her. So, it could have been potentially hazardous for the clerk."

The crook got what he wanted and hit the bricks. Police have increased patrols in the Highway 58 corridor, but it happened so quickly, response time didn't matter. "He was in and out within, I think, less than a minute and a half," McFarland said. "He was on foot, so he could have gone to any of the other places and hid until it settled down."

Maybe you were in one of those other stores he could have ducked into to wait for the heat to die down. Anything you remember could lead you to reward money. Or, with his green jacket and beige fedora, perhaps you have already recognized this week's suspect: a black male, 45 to 55-years old, around 5'5" with salt and pepper colored hair. If so, there is up to $1,000 Crime Stoppers cash waiting.

Call with any information, tonight: (423) 698-3333

Remember, an officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask who you are. So, no one will ever know you provided the tip.