Volunteers are working in a North Georgia cemetery cleaning up what they are calling the "Forgotten Veteran Cemetery."  

The old Confederate Cemetery is in Catoosa County, where many Civil War Veterans are buried. During the tornado outbreak in 2011, 50 headstones were broken and the original iron was twisted. 

They helped restore several broken headstones, some dating back to the 1700s and 1800s. The gates around them were then put back in their upright position.

Everyone who chipped in shared a reason why this project was dear to their heart. Korean War Veteran Charles Shields says, “it hurts me deeply that's why we I'm  here today. My ancestors fought in the Civil War, they deserve to be honored.  I would one day like to see this site maintained like the Chattanooga National Cemetery.”

Veteran Johnny Sparks says,” I like to do my part to keep the memory of Confederate soldiers and all veterans alive because they gave us the freedom we have today. Civil War heroes are buried here, they don't deserve to have a broken head stones.  It's sad we don't receive the funding that the Chattanooga National Cemetery does."

The volunteers say, they will schedule another cleanup effort next month.