A wanted man tried hiding from police, but it didn't work out so well. A McMinn County deputy found the suspect hiding in a dark closet eating dinner.

Timothy Black, 54, of Sweetwater was already wanted for stealing a car and shoplifting in Monroe County. When the deputy found him in someone else's closet, Black put his hands up -- fork in one hand, dinner in the other.

"Mr. Black was in a closet, evidently enjoying a bowl of salad," said McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy.

It's not a typical way police find a wanted fugitive, he said. But that's how a deputy found the suspect at a home in the 250 block of County Road 298 in McMinn County, where "Welcome To This House" is brightly painted on the front deck.

Deputy Dillon Presswood got word Black was wanted on several warrants, and was hiding out in the house.

"Especially if someone is taking some action not to go to jail, that raises an officer's awareness a little bit," Guy said.

Presswood got permission to go inside and look around. Once he found Black enjoying his salad in a dark closet, he told the suspect to put his hands in the air. Black did -- his fork in one hand and salad bowl in the other.

"He was able to finally get (Black) to put the fork down, because that could potentially be used as a weapon," said Guy. "And I guess a salad could, too," he laughed.

Black was wanted for shoplifting and theft over $1,000. He dropped his salad, was told to lie on the floor. and was arrested on the spot.

Although it was an odd arrest, Guy said he's just glad no one was hurt.

"At least he was eating healthy," he said.

Black was also charged with aggravated domestic assault. He remains in the McMinn County Jail on a $10,000 bond.