CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) It's taken several decades for Commercial Sexual Exploitation Survivor Kate Price to find the courage to share her story. The guest speaker for UTC's second annual Take Back the Night Movement will take the stage before others taking a stand against sexual violence across the Tennessee Valley, Wednesday.

Kate Price speaks with Channel 3 about sexual violence and the shame victims often feel.

"You did nothing wrong, it took me so many decades to figure that out and I knew that in my brain, but to really feel that in your heart is something very different that you did nothing wrong," said Price.

For her, the sexual and physical abuse started at age 6.

"People suspected something was wrong and they said nothing," said Price.

Statistics show people know this is happening and say nothing, It's estimated that more than half of violent sexual crimes against men, women, and children go unreported. 

"My exploitation was family controlled. No one stood up for me . So I confronted my exploiter, he was telling me I was special this was happening to me.  Only special little girls get to go to adult parties," said Price.

Cassie Nice with UTC Women's Center tells Channel 3 about one in every four college age women will become a victim of attempted or completed sexual assault in their lifetime. Their event, Take Back The Night is a movement to put an end to sexual violence.

"Chattanooga is a big hub for sex trafficking because of where we are located and I don't think people realize the amount of individuals that are trafficked through our area," said Nice.

Price says she hopes her story will help other victims break their silence.

"Every 2-minutes a person in America is sexually assaulted... that's a public health epidemic," said Price.

"There are so many victims out there that we do not know about and that's really what we want to do with this movement 'Take Back The Night' is to say it's okay to share your story and what happened to you is not your fault it's never the victim's fault," said Nice.

All proceeds from the movement will go to help Chattanooga Crisis Center Partnership for Families, Children and Adults.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with domestic, or sexual violence call our area Family Violence/ Sexual Assault Hotline 423-755-2700.