McKamey Animal Center will hold a no-cost spay and neuter clinic each Friday in October for feral cats in Chattanooga. This event is being held in honor of National Feral Cat Day, which is Oct. 16.

"Feral cats are the same species as pet cats, but they live outdoors and can't be socialized to people," said Tricia Sebes, Animal Care Coordinator. "Neutering feral cats is essential to a program called Trap-Neuter-Return, (TNR) which ends the breeding cycle and makes feral cats better neighbors."

To celebrate National Feral Cat Day, McKamey Animal Service Officers and community cat caretakers will humanely trap and transport up to 300 cats to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated at the clinic. While under anesthesia, the cats will be ear tipped-a small portion of the left ear will be removed for identification. After recovering from the sterilization surgery, the cats will be returned to their outdoor homes. Friendly cats and kittens will be put up for adoption.

"We are indebted to PetSmart Charities and our individual donors for sponsoring this clinic," said Jamie McAloon, Executive Director.

Hundreds of local governments nationwide now have ordinances endorsing Trap-Neuter-Return, which is rapidly becoming the predominant approach to feral cats. "Trap-Neuter-Return makes cats healthier, and it ends behaviors commonly associated with mating, like yowling and roaming," said Becky Robinson, president of Alley Cat Allies. "It helps people and feral cats get along peacefully. We are building partnerships with shelters and entire communities to launch Trap-Neuter-Return efforts and other programs that will save cats' lives."

is a non-profit organization located at 4500 North Access Rd. in Chattanooga and is dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming companion animals. McKamey Animal Center and the City of Chattanooga supports and promotes Trap-Neuter-Return as the best course of action for feral cats.

For more information on spay and neuter services please call 423-305-6500 ext. 205