After years of producing candy in Chattanooga, Ferrara Candy is closing the doors to their facility by the end of 2014, and laying off all of the manufacturing employees at the Jersey Pike facility.

The facility will be put up for sale, but the company will maintain a corporate presence here in Chattanooga, according to a news release.

A statement from Ferrara Candy released Monday afternoon stated:

"Like all companies, Ferrara Candy must be proactive in ensuring efficient operations in order to remain competitive.  We continuously evaluate ways to enhance our performance and assess our resources and capabilities to ensure we are positioned for success in today's marketplace.
After a detailed review of our manufacturing capacities and cost structure, the Company has determined to consolidate our manufacturing operations and will be closing our manufacturing plant in Jersey Pike by the end of the year.  The production capacity at Jersey Pike will be absorbed by other facilities in our manufacturing network, and we will maintain a corporate presence in a separate facility in the Chattanooga area.
While this is a necessary step for our company, decisions that impact people are never easy.  We value the dedication and hard work of all of our employees and are committed to providing assistance to ease the transition for all affected employees in Jersey Pike, including providing severance, outplacement services and internal opportunities.  We will also be working closely with local government officials and State agencies to identify new potential opportunities.  In addition, we are actively pursuing the sale of the Jersey Pike plant to a new operator, who may have the ability to re-hire the talented workforce in Jersey Pike.  We are working with industry representatives and brokers to assist with this effort, and already have several parties who are interested in the space."