Dr. Mark Kapperman says "It's a wonderful convenience for patients."

Optometrist,  Dr. Mark Kapperman is talking about the Optomap. It's a non-dilating camera that captures a digital image of the retina.

Dr. Mark Kapperman says "We can see much more of the inside of the eye than ever before possible without having to dilate the eye."  

It's important to point out that this machine does not completely replace dilation, but it does give a very good view of the inside of the eye, and doctors can compare images from year to year."

Dr. Mark Kapperman says "There are certain conditions we still have to dilate so we can get a closer more magnified view of certain issues like retinal tears, detachment or suspicious area if we wee that on the optomap we have to dilate."

So for some patients going to the eye doctor could mean a shorter and less blurry visit.