Elijah Krahn and his mother are from west-Knoxville but travel down to McMinn County once a week to volunteer at the humane society.

Elijah wanted to know what happened to the dogs that didn't get adopted and when his mother gave him the answer, he decided to change it. 

This little boy has big plans for these dogs and those plans don’t involve a shelter. He wants to find them all homes.

"Because they're cute, they're fluffy and they're adorable," said Elijah.

He's helping them by baking.

"We've been making dog cookies," said Elijah.

People have already ordered nearly 3,000 of these doggy delights.

These treats are made with natural ingredients; even a human could eat them. ButElijahh says to take his advice.

"Uhhh no, they're rubbish to people," said Elijah. "I tested them and I wanted the dogs to test them."

He says the dogs enjoyed them much more.

"Let's just say a lot more," said Elijah.

100 percent of the money is going straight to sponsor the dogs that are nearing their 30-day mark at the McMinn County Humane Society, making them free to anyone that wants to adopt.

"We try to sponsor the large, old and black dogs because they're the ones who have the hardest time being adopted," said Amanda Gienow, Elijah’s Mother.

They expected to help only one or two a month, but the two-month-old business is exploding, selling up to 400 dog biscuits a night and sponsoring nearly 3 dogs a week.

"We were not prepared at all, but it's been fantastic," said Gienow. "As big as it will get is now our new goal."

A goal she knows her son will reach.

"To think that a boy at 7 years old saw a problem and instead of sitting on it, took it and decided to do something about it; I could not be prouder," said Gienow.

"It means so much and I hope other people get that message of what they are doing. They have good hearts and if others would catch on to that attitude it could save so many more lives," said Karen Mickelsen, McMinn County Humane Society.

The money raised pays to spay or neuter the dog as well as update them on all of their shots.

Elijah and his mom aren't stopping with dogs though; they plan to expand their sponsorship to cats too.

If you would like to know how you can help the cause or if you would like to order some of these treats yourself,