A Fort Oglethorpe man was arrested for assaulting a cab driver earlier this week. It all started because the man was angry his girlfriend was selling cats to the cab driver.

The cab driver told police he was at the woman's home to buy a new pet, but the suspect told him the cats weren't for sale -- chasing the cabbie out of the neighborhood with pots, pans and sticks.

"That's just really, really shocking," said Bob Citrullo of the Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga.

Citrullo has heard of many pet sales gone bad over the years. Many of those end with the animals left at the humane society, he said.

"Definitely have heard of the occasion where [animals] are used as a tool to do a mugging or draw somebody in to attack somebody," said Citrullo.

But nothing quite like what happened in the 3200 block of Idlewild Dr. in Chattanooga on Monday night, where police said a Mercury cab driver was assaulted while trying to buy cats.

The cab driver told police he showed up to buy cats from the woman who lived there. But her boyfriend, 33-year-old Michael Kirby, didn't want to give them up. The cabbie was cornered inside the front door of the residence, but forced his way out, left the door off its hinges, and jumped in his cab.

That's when two men ran out, chasing him down the street with pots, pans and sticks. Before driving off, he said Kirby slammed the driver's side door of the car with a large stick with enough force to leave tree bark jammed into the dashboard.

That's why Citrullo advises prospective pet owners to meet with the seller in a public place.

"When you get there and sense red flags go up, just get out of there," he said. "We don't want people putting themselves in those positions."

Kirby was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism, but picked up an additional assault charge from jail the following day.

The cab driver, 24-year-old Ervin Morgan, was arrested for an unrelated theft. Police said Kirby went to Morgan's holding cell and punched him in the face because he thought Morgan "got him arrested on false charges."