Tyler Mathis has suffered from allergies most of his life.


Tyler Mathis says "Runny nose, headaches, I get headaches quite a bit from allergies, eyes start to water, you can't go on camping trips, worried what might happen."

Dr. Curt Chaffin with The Allergy and Asthma Group  says while this isn't the worst allergy season the Tennessee Valley has seen.  Symptoms are certainly a lot worse this year  for some of his patients.

Dr. Curt Chaffin says "I think we've had a big pop up of pollen and a more intense season that way it is certainly not over yet, will see how it goes."

Tyler says shots are about the only thing that helps, but coming sometimes twice a week was a bit much for his schedule, so he got into the RUSH program.

Tyler Mathis says "I live about 20 minutes away from here and being able to come in and get 6-10 shots in one setting is a lot easier than having to come in once or twice a week. it saves me gas money."

"Dr. Chaffin says with the RUSH program, it's not only a time saver for patients, but it also helps them reach the point of getting some relief a lot faster."

Dr. Curt Chaffin says "So with traditional program if you are coming once a week, that would take 9-12 months to get to maintenance, with RUSH program, it's 4-5 weeks to get benefit quicker."

While this may be a good option for some patients, not everyone has 3-5 hours to spend at the doctor's office.  But as far as Tyler is concerned, he said being in a RUSH has worked for him.

Tyler Mathis says "It has definitely helped me, I would definitely recommend it to anyone else."