41-year-old Valerie Reed is now behind bars after someone recognized her from the neighborhood watch group “Brainerd / East Brained Neighbors.”  The person that spotted her was eating a late dinner at Krystal’s and watched her from a distance.  

He checked on Facebook and confirmed she was sitting just one table away. The community member then flagged down four police officers sitting in the back. She was also sitting next to another victim that was an elderly man. Police say, Valerie told him to take her to a fast food restaurant because she needed to feed her hungry kids.

Tony Sanders says, “She doesn’t have any children and tells so many lies. She convinced my 70-year-old mother to give her 5 –thousand-dollars after giving a sob story.”  

Tony wanted everyone to know what happened so they don’t fall victim to the same scam. He believes the combination of social media and community teamwork helped police track Valerie Reed down. 

She is now facing two charges; one for forging checks and one felony charged for theft over 1,000 dollars.

The Chattanooga Police Department and The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office believe there are more people that have been victimized by Valerie Reed.  They are hoping others come forward to file reports.